Thank you, Jeannette of French Paintings, for nominating art does matter for the “One Lovely Blog Award.” I’m thrilled to be chosen especially on this week that marks my seven-month anniversary of starting this blog. The rules of accepting this award are pretty simple to follow. First, you must thank the person who nominated you; secondly, tell seven random things about yourself; then nominate up to fifteen other bloggers for this award, and let them know you’ve nominated them.

Here’s my seven things:
1. I actually LIKED all those art history classes I was required to attend while in school. Although I never did appreciate the professors’ rules of having “to correctly list the work’s creation date within five years” on exams – I did enjoy sitting through their lectures.
2. Having pets, particularly cats, is something I love. I do have a soft spot for purebreds, but my very first pet was a domestic shorthair boy cat who sadly passed away far too young. My iPhone at any given time is chock-full of new pictures of my two cats, Ivan and Indie.
3. I always prefer receiving emails to getting phone calls.
4. Computers, software and social media are way too enjoyable for me – I love especially the convenience it’s brought to our lives.
5. I love to cook all types of food. I make a great chicken curry recipe and another fusilli pasta recipe that my husband adores.
6. Some nights, I like to enjoy a good wine with dinner. Red or white – doesn’t matter – and doesn’t need to be pricey to be good.
7. Shocked as I am to admit it, I’ve come to like suburban living. Having spent a decent amount of time living in downtown Philadelphia and NYC, I can finally have an art studio space that isn’t supposed to be a kitchen table. I’m still close enough to two major cities to view art, get inspired, and write this blog!

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Patricia Sullivan is a metalsmith and studio artist – living in the suburbs of Philadelphia across the great Delaware River in Southern New Jersey for the past 15 years. She spent seven years prior, living in both New York City and the Hudson Valley, New York, studying at Parsons School of Design, moving onward to receive a second degree (post-graduate) in Fine Arts/Metals at SUNY New Paltz. A Philadelphia native, Patricia was exposed to the arts and music of this region since a young age, receiving her first Bachelor's degree at Temple University in Philadelphia before her sojourn to New York began. Patricia has exhibited her artwork nationally. Recently, Ms. Sullivan was one of only thirty-four artists worldwide to exhibit her work at the Center for Craft, Creativity & Design as part of being selected for Metalsmith magazine's prestigious annual "Exhibition in Print - Moved by Metal."

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  1. Hi Patricia, thank you so much for thinking I matter too. I’m away on an art adventure and when I come back to civilization I’ll give my nom a work out. Meantime I loved your sharing 7 secrets with us. I’m definitely with you on number 3 I’ve always had telephonophobia Your blog and your art really does matter! Cheers and thank you ! Sue


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